Find Your Game. Up Your Game.

We help you find the Venue playing The Game you want to see, and add new layers of interactivity, allowing individuals and groups a new way to “Get Game!"


Who’s Got Game? smartphone + tablet application suite caters to Sports Fans who want to watch The Sports Game of their choice in a public setting.


This is a cutting-edge, real-time, venue locator that makes it easy to find the game you want to watch in a public setting.


Real-time game status and league tracking across multiple sports leagues.

Stay in Tune

Push alerts for instant notification when games you want to watch are showing near you + TV tune-information to watch the play as it happens.

Real World Rewards

Win restaurant discounts and real-world rewards for interacting with other players.
Get a ride directly to the venue and enjoy super convenience from UBER and Who's Got Game.

Find your game. Get your game. Download today!

Add Your Venue

Tell us about your bar, restaurant or pub so everybody know you got game!

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